Rithmic Extends the Date by which its Market Data Subscription Agreement and Market Data Self-Certification document must be signed to April 29, 2014

In response to requests from customers and users, Rithmic has extended the date by which its Market Data Agreement must be electronically signed and the date by which a user’s status as either a Professional Subscriber or a Non-Professional subscriber must be electronically self-certified.  The new date is April 29, 2014 and the documents must be signed using R | Trader™ or R | Trader Pro™ or higher. Beginning April 30, 2014 users who have not signed both documents will not be able to log in to the R | Trade Execution Platform™ until such time as both documents are electronically signed.

R | Trader™ and R | Trader Pro™ may be downloaded free at http://www.rithmic.com/download_software.

Please note that the use of R | Trader Pro™ to view and sign these documents will cause an R | Trader Pro™ usage fee to be charged to your account.  Users who are not currently using R | Trader Pro™ can avoid incurring the R | Trader Pro™ usage fee by viewing and electronically signing the required documents through R | Trader™ at no extra charge.